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Specifications of Adaptive Fabric

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Adaptive fabric

(Used in Oxy-Gel and Adaptive Sleeping Pillows)

Cold and dry, all night and every night

Sleeping in an environment that is too warm or too humid are two main results of the uncomfortable heat and humidity inside the pillowcase.

Adaptive fabric effectively addresses both of these problems, resulting in a cooler, drier night's sleep, every night.

Adaptive uses your body heat to enhance moisture absorption and adapt to moisture, thus cooling your sleeping environment

Adaptive, how does it work?

1. Your body heats up the tissue.

2. The adaptive adaptive fabric drives evaporation

3. Additional evaporation reduces moisture and has a cooling effect.

4. The adaptive adaptive fabric keeps you cool and dry in comfort and improves the quality of your sleep.

Adaptive reduces perspiration and increases evaporation, while helping to create a cool, dry sleeping environment.

Air conditioning also has a positive effect on the softness of the fabric. Test results from North Carolina State University confirm that the adaptation improves the absorption and evaporation of moisture (away from the body) and reduces the temperature in the sleeping environment.