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Royal comfort luxury mattress, 34 cm high, 10 years guarantee, made of the best types of materials to give a feeling of medium softness

The price includes tax

2,434.78 SAR 3,043.50 SAR

Sold Out 23 Time

Luxurious comfort as it should be..

The best type of spring with a thickness of 2.4 mm

It is insulated with a layer of high quality felt..

With a layer of high elastic HR sponge

It has a layer of sponge with a pressure of 60 to give the required support to the body

With a top layer of 5 cm of the best types of memory foam to conform to the shape of the body and relieve pressure on the joints and spine and give ideal comfort during sleep

In addition to the luxurious and embroidered fabric with 3 cm of high-elasticity HR sponge

Mattress height 34 cm

In short, luxurious details for a healthy and comfortable sleep...

The price is including tax

120x200 2200 SR

150x200 2500 SR

180x200 3250 SR

200x200 3500 SR

  • The shape of the fabric may vary at times depending on the availability of color and pattern
  • The internal components are never different

2,434.78 SAR 3,043.50 SAR
One comment

منير الشيخ

3 months ago

بالنسبة للسبرنج ما له مشاكل


Comfort experts

3 months ago

السبرنج عالي السماكة 2.4 وهو اقوى انواع السبرنج بالاضافة لان المرتبة مدعمه بشكل مميز بالطبقات فوق السبرنج يجعل السبرنج بعيد عن الجسم اضافة للضمان 10 سنوات لاي مشاكل بالسبرنج او هبوط بالمرتبة

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