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Mattress Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy:

All mattresses available in our store are guaranteed by Comfort Experts, and the warranty varies according to the type of mattress (the number of years of warranty for each type is indicated in the product specifications).

This guarantee includes:

Damage to the mattress caused by poor manufacturing such as

1- The mattress has fallen more than 5 cm in the sleeping place

2- Springs and wires or any part of the internal parts coming out

Warranty does not include:

misuse like

1- Bend or fold the mattress due to transportation or storage.

2- If the mattress was damaged due to spaced bed rails

3- Mattress contamination (liquid spills or non-cleanable materials)

4- If the outer fabric is dirty and the mattress is defective, the warranty is requested

From the customer a small amount to change the outer fabric.

Mattress Care Instructions:

1- Make sure to ventilate the mattress periodically

2- Rotate the mattress every two months:

*Turn it up every two months if the mattress is used on both sides

*Rotate it only in the opposite direction to sleep

3- Not to press or stand in a certain place on the mattress, which may lead to damage to the mattress.