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Important Shipping Mattresses

All that will be mentioned for clarification and sometimes the conditions differ according to the region

Therefore, please contact us to serve you in the best possible way

the details -/

In the event that mattresses are requested outside Riyadh

It will not be shipped with shipping companies registered in the store

Because these companies do not provide a mattress shipping service because of their size

Shipping is done with shipping offices according to each region such as

(Fast current - Intex - Ascendant) and others

Mattresses shipping companies arrive at their warehouse in the area, and then delivery to the customer’s home via him or them for an additional amount (usually up to 50 riyals)

If you get free shipping, it will include delivery from Riyadh to your area

Not including home delivery within your city

Some areas are not reached by shipping companies, so delivery will be made to the nearest main area and you will be notified before shipment

We will not hesitate to serve you to get the mattress to your home in the best and most economical way

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance and more details