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Hello Kitty baby mattress

The price includes tax

260.87 SAR 652.17 SAR

Sold Out 5 times

She is tidy and doll at the same time

A special product for your sons and daughters that makes their bedroom a fun and comfortable place

High-quality fabric and dense soft cotton filling inside the inner lining isolated from the outer cover

The outer cover is removable by zipping and washing

Mattress size 110 X 150 cm and increases with hands

With each mattress, a gift flower-shaped pillow that can be removed and fixed with adhesive

260.87 SAR 652.17 SAR
One comment

محمد هادي حكمي

1 year ago

رووعه ماندمت أبدا إني طلبتها ، انصح فيها ..


Comfort experts

1 year ago

شكرا لتعاملكم مع متجر خبراء الراحه
هدفنا ثقتكم وراحتكم
نورتو المتجر

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