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golden Hotel package (double 14 cm topper - 100% cotton hotel bedding set - two hotel pillows - mattress protector - mattress perfume - 2 cushion )

The price includes VAT

938.26 SAR 1,043 SAR

Sold Out 84 Time

The price of the items if purchased by the piece is 1520 riyals

White is the color of relaxation

Cotton cloth gives you coolness

Microfiber fillings give you comfort

Luxurious and luxurious products live with you

We have collected all this in one application to facilitate your choice

Hotel package in your golden house

Luxury hotel felt 14 cm high

Royal luxury hotel bedding, 100% cotton, 8 pieces

Two very soft hotel pillows, weighing 1300 grams

Insulator (protective) luxury mattress

Luxurious mattress freshener, 24 hour stability

2 Takiyeh (shape may differ from the picture)

Competitive price and free shipping

Including tax and delivery

938.26 SAR 1,043 SAR
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عاىشة سلطان بن حميد

3 months ago

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