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Exchange and Return Policy

1- Sleeping products cannot be returned in any way after using them to maintain public health

2- In the event of a manufacturing defect, it must be reported upon receipt to be replaced with a new product (clear cut or defect in the fabric)

5- Guaranteed products, such as mattresses, are withdrawn and the problem is solved for free and returned to the customer for free inside Riyadh, and the customer bears the value of shipping outside Riyadh

6- All accessories have no warranty and are treated as a very personal product and cannot be returned or exchanged after use, even for one night.

7- There may be a delay in delivery from shipping companies, especially during the seasons and holidays, and this is not the store’s fault and is due to the shipping companies, knowing that we deal with the best and fastest shipping companies, Aramex and Fastlo, to arrive your shipments intact and as soon as possible

8- In the event of a return for any reason, the customer shall bear the actual shipping value from the shipping company twice for delivery and return

The value of the order shall be transferred after receiving the return in its original condition, and the value of the returned order shall be returned within 10 days from the date of receiving the product by bank transfer only

(The actual shipping value varies from one company to the second and from one request to the second, and the shipping cost on the invoice is an approximate cost, usually the store bears the bulk of it)

9- In the event of canceling the shipments paid during the shipping stage, the amounts will be returned after the shipments are returned to the store within a working week, and no amounts will be transferred before receiving the shipments