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How to choose the right pillow

How to choose the right pillow:

The pillow is never less important than the mattress for comfort, so you must pay attention to the way to choose the right pillow for each person. Here are the most important points when choosing a pillow:

1- Pillow height : The choice of pillow height depends on several factors, the most important of which is the physical structure (width of the shoulders). The higher the physical structure, the more you need a pillow

And also the way to sleep, for example:

Sleeping on the face (lower pillow)

Sleeping on the back (medium pillow)

Sleeping on the side (high pillow)

In addition to the type of mattress, the higher the firmness of the mattress, you should choose a higher pillow and vice versa

2- The quality of the pillow

  • Microfiber: It is the most commonly used and is called a hotel or alternative to feathers because of the softness of microfiber, it resembles feathers and comes with different weights and therefore multiple heights, and we recommend buying pillows with cotton fabrics.
  • Feather pillows: If they are of soft feathers (down) and are of high quality, they are comfortable for lovers of very high softness. We do not recommend buying cheap feather pillows of low quality because they may cause allergies.
  • Memory Foam Pillows: They are called medical pillows and come in various forms according to the way you sleep, and it is also preferable to buy a good quality of them

Finally, we recommend using two types of pillows, for example (memory + microfiber), as many of us can change their sleeping position on the same night and may need to change the pillow.

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